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Getting and Installing Phoenix

Phoenix -- Alpha Release 0.1.8

This is free and has been tested on SunSolaris 2.3 and is also known to compile on many other platforms.
COPYRIGHT 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 by The University of Chicago.
Phoenix is covered by the GNU General Public License included in this distribution and may be redistributed accordingly.
Phoenix is built upon tkWWW 0.9 which is also covered by copyright.

Please Note

The Phoenix Editor has only been released as an alpha release. This means we feel that it is a little too buggy for general use. When we began our Phoenix Editor project in the summer of 1993, we did so because we needed to be able to create world-wide web pages and there were no tools available for the task. Since that time many tools have become available and since May, 1995 we have ceased all work on the Phoenix Editor.


Installation Notes


The existing help pages are old -- new documentation is not yet available. For starters: