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In othercase informations are not available	 S. Margolis, P. Weil, M. Sapir
 Irreducibility of certain pseudovarieties	 C. Choffrut, L.Guerra
 Generalized Rational Relations and their Logical Definability	 V. Diekert, P. Gastin, A. Petit
 Recent developments in trace theory	 V. DiekerT, Y. Métivier
 Partial Commutation and Traces	 G. ALEXANDRE
 Une implémentation de Zermelo Fraenkel en CoQ	 J-B. YUN.S
 Fault tolerant solutions to the firing squad synchronization problem	 V. FROIDURE
 Ranks of binary relations	 G. Duchamp, A. Klyachko, D. Krob, J-Y. Thibon
 Noncommutative Symmetric Functions III: Déformations of Cauchy and Convulation Algebras	 V. BRUYERE , C. DE FELICE
 Any Lifting of a Trace Coding is a Word Coding	 V. BRUYERE, D. DERENCOURT, M. LATTEUX
 The Meet Operation in the Lattice of Codes	 J.H. Davenport
 Galois Groups and the Simplification of Polynomials	 D.Krob , J.Y Thibon
 Noncommutative symmetric functions IV: Quantum linear groups and Hecke algebras at q =0	 C. PICOULEAU
 UET-UCT scheduling on 2 processors with constrained communications	 O. Heen
 Linear Speed-Up for Cellular Automata Synchronizers and Applications	 G. Alexandre, P. Maunoury
 An heuristic for axiomatic theories : the case of zermelo set theory	 F. D'Alessandro, J. Sakarovitch
 The Finite Power Property for Rational Sets of the Free Group	 J.-M. Autebert, J. Berste, L. Boasson
 Context-Free Languages and Pushdown Automata	 J.E.PIN
 Syntactic semigroups	 P. Trotter, P. Weil
 Connections between the lattices of subpseudovarieties of B and DA	 J. JUSTIN
 On Some Geometrical Problems of Paperfolding	 C. Frougny
 On the sequentiality of the successor function	 P. MANOURY
 Preuve de correction de programmes fonctionnels de tris dans le systèmes Coq	 S. BAUGET
 Congruences represented by partial orders, diamond and lattice properties	 V.BRUYERE, M. LATTEUX
 Variable-Length Maximal Codes	 P. GASTIN
 Asynchronous cellular automata for pomsets without auto-concurrency	 V. Diekert, P. Gastin 
 Approximating Traces	 J-E PIN 
 The expressive power of existential first order sentences of Büchi's sequential calculus	 S.CRESPI REGHIZZI, L. BREVEGLIERI, A. CHERUBINI
 Scheduling with Augmented BNF Grammars	 P. Gastin, Dan Teodosiu 
 Resource Traces: A Domain for Processes Sharing Exclusive Resources	 J. sakarovitch
 The Schützenberger construct and two applications

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