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In othercase informations are not available	 P-L. Douillet, A-L. Beylot, M. Becker
 Using "Excited States" in Estimating Cell Losses in a Limited Capacity System	 A. BROSSIER-WANSEK
 Les Langages de Manipulation dans les SystËmes d'Information GÈographiques	 A. BROSSIER-WANSEK 
 Les Langages de Manipulation dans les SystËmes de Gestion de Documents	 L. ABDAT, J. RIVIERE 
 Un environnement hypermÈdia pour la production de didacticiels	 L. FEdaoui, A. Seneviratne, E. Horlait 
 Implementation of a End-to-End Quality of Service Management Scheme	 L. FEdaoui, W. Tawbi, E. Horlait 
 Distributed Multimedia Systems Quality of Service in ODP Framework of Abstraction: A First Study	 V. GAY, P. LEYDEKKERS, R. HUIS 
 Specification of Audio/Video Exchange Based on the Reference Model of ODP	 V. GAY, B. KERVELLA, C. LOG
 An Architecture to Integrate Distributed Multimedia Applications	 s. Tricot
 A Polynomial-Time Algorithm For The Minimum Diameter Spanning Tree Problem	 B. KERVELLA, V. GAY, E. HORLAIT
 Integration of a Scenario Service in a Multimedia Messaging System	 I. S. Silva, D. Archambaud, J. Penne
 Calcul de SimilaritÈ pour la comparaison des SÈquences d'Acides AminÈs : une Solution VLSI	 E. ENCRENAZ , J.M. COUVREUR , R.K.BAWA
 ModÈlisation RÈseau de Petri de Machines ý Etats DÈcrites en VHDL	 Rajesh K. Bawa, E. EncrenaZ, J-M . lecouvreur
 VPN Technical Report	 P-L. Douillet
 Finite Fields and Zech's Logarithms	 f. petrot, f. wajsb¸rt
 The Symbolic to Real Mask Transaltion Approach in the Allianc  CAD System	 A. Greiner, L. Jacomme, F. PÈtrot, F. Wajsb¸rt
 Investigations on Alliance Rectangle Data Structure for VLSI/CAD Algorithms	 J-F BRETTE
 Guidage contextuel sur les erreurs de type.: une transposition du principe d'hÈritage Smalltalk aux requËtes Prolog	 R. Boutabab , B. Folliot
 Program and File Allocation Algorithm for Large Scale Distributed Systems	 F. Kordon
 Formal Techniques Based On Nets, Object Orientation and Reusability For Rapid Prototyping of Complex Systems	 F. Derrough 
 Filtering of complex rule conditions	 F. Derrough 
 Quantitative and Qualitative Set Differentiation	 J.C.M. LIMA
 Modelling interface and knowledge in software packages aimed to know about their individual users : a critical view point	 F. BOUSBAHI 
 Le facteur didactique dans la conception des systËmes d'aide intelligents	 m. bouabsa, j-f. brette, p. barril
 Les dÈpendances comme objets de premiËre classe	 M-M. Paget, J-F. Couturas, D. Robic, A. Tarrago
 Graphical animations for the teaching of recursivity	 I. Kohlenberg, M. Becker
 Etude du trafic de sortie d'un ÈlÈment de commutation ATM avec sources on/off et routage corrÈlÈ ou non-corrÈlÈ	 W. EL KAIM, F. kORDON
 An Integrated Framework for rapid System Prototyping and Automatic Code Distribution	 M. Becker, A-L. Beylot, A. Ziram
 Survey on Performance Studies of Switching Networks for ATM	 B. ZERROUK, S. TRICOT, B. ROTTEMBOURG
 Proper Linear Interval Routing Schemes	 P. Leydekkers, V. Gay
 Multimedia Conferencing Services in an Open Distributed Environment	 P. Leydekkers, V. Gay
 Multimedia Services in TINA-C and RM-ODP	 V. GaY, P. Leydekkers, R. huis in ' t veld
 Specification of Multiparty Audio and Video Interaction Based on the Reference Model of Open Distributed Processing	 D. THIBAU
 IntÈgration de la tolÈrance aux fautes dans le dÈveloppement d'un systËme rÈparti	 C. LogÈ, V. Gay, E. Horlait
 Computational Components for Synchronous Cooperation on Multimedia Information	 B. Kervella, V. Gay, E. Horlait
 Towards a Complete Multimedia Mail:Use of MHEG in Standard Messaging Systems	 F. PEtrot
 Experimental Runtime Results on the Minimum Spanning Tree	 B. Folliot, P. Sens
 GatoStar : A Fault Tolerant Load Sharing Facility for Parallel Applications	 I. Vernier
 Parametrized Evaluation of CTL-X formulae

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